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Allie is a great transitional style doe that can serve as a wether making doe, kick out those dominating junior market does, or producing Fullblood or Percentage does for the ABGA show ring. Allie has the style, design, balance, and power to go a lot of ways in the breeding program. Can't wait to get her started raisin kids.

Simply Amazin D78
2016 ABGA National Grand Champion Fullblood Doe

BAB5 Conrad (2DOX Cuger)
ABGA Simply Amazin (ABGA Status Quo)

Simply Amazin is just that AMAZIN! At the conclusion of her show career, she has accumulated at total of 361 ABGA Points and a National Title. We are looking forward to her added value to our breeding program for years to come

It is a once in a life time opportunity to have raised and owned a pair of does as outstanding and high quality as So Sassy and So Blessed NGC-16. These daughter of TEEL Loaded Up have had an amazing show record and we are excited to get So Sassy to the 2017 ABGA National Show as well as getting her into production. Keep an eye on this rising star!

Co-owned with Emma Rethans, CA
2017 Overall Grand Champion - Ft. Worth Show 2
2016 Grand Percentage Doe OBGA Silver Series

2014 Overall Grand Champion - Ft. Worth Show 2

MKHD Beautiful Drug
Sire: 2SONS Secretariat **Ennobled**
Dam: TEEL Loaded Beauty (TEEL Loaded UP)

We are very pleased have the opportunity to buy this daughter of TEEL Loaded Beauty and add her to our elite percentage doe lineup. She is a Loaded Up granddaughter and is cut out of the mode of her great mother. Beautiful is Barbie's show doe and she has that look that Loaded Up puts on his daughters and granddaughters.

2017 ABGA National Show
Overall Reserve Grand Champion Percentage Doe

Doe of Excellence
Mother of the TST1 TEEL So Blessed NCG-16
Co-owned with Windy Acres Boers

Show Me Boers Morning Glory
EGGS Rockin Flower

Glory is a daughter of EE and a  granddaughter of EGGS Rockin Harve B393 *Ennobled*. This is a lethal combination of fullblood and wether genetics and will set Glory apart as a leader in our show string of "transitional does" . She has the super square rack that Harve is know for and the elegance of a true show doe. Keep your eyes on this one!

Does like So Real are the kind you can only hope to own. The quality that can be a National Grand Champion and also produce a National Grand Champion to establish a legacy of quality. We are hopeful to have may more daughters of So Real to follow in the foot steps of their mother and after So Blessed NGC-16 and So Sassy

2JW Smokin Gun's Noisy Crickett
Sire: SGR Ima Smokin' Gun *Ennobled* (Back 2 Nature Polar Express)
Dam: 2JW Patriot's Center Stage (Patriot *Ennobled*)

Thank you Josh and Johanna Weir for allowing us the opportunity to own part of this amazing paint fullblood doe. She combines the great bloodlines of Polar Express with the Patriot / Long Range genetics for a powerful and expressive combination in a very feminine package. Watch for her in the 2017 show season.

2M Boer Goats Look At Me
Sire: AABG NBD Square One * Ennobled*
Dam: Boer X

This doe is an own daughter of the great Square One buck. She has the ability to make some great percentage does for our program. We are looking forward to getting some does from her for the show string. We believe she should cross well on all our buck lines to make some super females or wethers.

Bred by Teel Show Goats & Windy Acres Boers Co-owned with Windy Acres Boers, TX

Co-owned with Mary Hefner, OH
2017 Jr. Champion Fullblood - Ft. Worth Show 2
2016 Overall Grand - ETGRA Spooktacular Show 2

Newton Farms
That's A Fact
Sire: AABG NBD Face The Facts **Ennobled*
Dam: Newton Farms Gracie Squared C163

Excited, would be an understatement about our feelings for That's A Fact. As a daughter of Face The Facts, we believe this doe will excel in our Fullblood and wether breeding programs. She is three dimensional from end-to-end and is a powerhouse in terms of muscle shape. That's A Fact will fit nicely into our program as she is also a granddaughter of the great  AABG NBD Square One **Ennobled**. Keep an eye out for her progney in the future.

Co-owned with Double D Boer Goats
 Lee & Sharon Dana - NE

Co-owned with Emma Rethans, CA
2017 Overall Grand Champion - Ft. Worth Show 1
2017 Overall Grand Champion - Ft. Worth Show 2
2016 Grand Percentage Doe OBGA Silver Series


SLKY So Real
2015 ABGA National Grand Champion Percentage Doe

Sire:  4-M MUGSY'S 9091-SLKY Son of A Gun **ENNOBLED**

So Real is a very special doe and will always hold a special place in Noah's heart. These two have been best buds for a long time. So Real will follow Noah anywhere he wants to go. She has earned her keep and we are looking forward to more daughters from her in the years to come. So Real (2015) and her daughter So Blessed (2016) were the firsts ever back-to-back ABGA National Grand Champion does resulting from a mother - daughter consecutive wins.

TST1 TEEL So Sassy
TEEL Loaded Up
SLKY So Real NGC-15

So Sassy is a flushmate sister to our 2016 National Grand Champion Percentage Doe - So Blessed that sold for $15,200 to Southern Comfort Ranch in 2016 at public auction. Happy is a very unique individual having been described by a judge in 2016 as looking like a Piétrain hog because of the tremendous power, dimension, and shape from end to end. Yet she is long bodied, dead level, and free moving.

Happy is a flushmate to our herd sire Outlandish Design. Happy is sired by AABG Outlandish, one of the outstanding and upcoming bucks in the country. Happy combines AABG As Good As It Gets, C S B Maximum Impact *Ennobled*,  EGGS CEEDS EGGSPECTATION *Ennobled*, and Capriole's Tuffy James all into one explosive package.

Broken S Smokin Attraction
Smokin Hot Ruger **Ennobled**
Broken S Main Attraction

WOW! What else can you say about a doe that has been as successful as Attraction. She is a true "transitional doe" of Teel Show Goats. Overall Grand Champion Junior Market Doe at the 2013 Tulsa State Fair and has over 225 ABGA points before being 10 months old! We have high hopes for Attraction and are looking forward to getting more flush kids from her soon.

Co-owned with Lee and Sharon Dana, NE
2016 Res. Grand FB Doe Spooktacular Show 2

Co-owned with Show Me Boer Goats, MO
Multiple Grand Champion Honors

Show Me Boers Happy Happy Happy!
AABG Outlandish
Show Me Boers Happiness Is Calling

Happy earned over 225 points by 10 months old!  Happy is a very unique individual having been described by a judge in 2016 as looking like a Piétrain hog because of the tremendous power, dimension, and shape from end to end. Yet she is long bodied, dead level, and free moving.

Capriole's Back In A Flash
Sire: EGGS Money Clip *Ennobled*
Dam: EGGS A042 (HC Fix It In A Flash)

This young beauty is a linebred Flashy Clip and a complete outcross to our linebreeding program. Thank you Terry Brown for allowing us the opportunity to own this outstanding young doe. We are positive she will be a contributing factor to our future breeding program. This is the type of female to takes to produce those one-of-a-kind herd bucks. Keep watching for "Flash" to make a big impact moving forward.

6 Grand Champion Honors and Counting!

Co-owned with Show Me Boer Goats, MO
2017 Fort Worth Show - Junior Champion - Show 1

8881 DBL-D C110
Allie Cat E80

MFR1 2DOX Royal Commander C339
8881 DBL-D Allie Cat C110

Allie Cat is the granddaughter of a doe we sold Sharon Dana, she was a daughter of RDBG Merideth, flushmate to RDBG Izzy **Ennobled* NGC-12. Allie is a line-bred Strategic Power doe that is a round in her rib as you can make one. Monster top and yet has that elegant front end with tons of femininity. 

MFR1 La Galleta
2DOX El Comandante (HBS Absolute)
K7 KFF Cookie Doe *Doe of Excellence*

We are truly blessed to have the opportunity to add this beauty to our percentage doe line-up. La Galleta is a daughter of the super generating KFF Cookie Doe and a daughter of a HBS Absolute sone, bring the best of both worlds together in one genetic package.

Co-owned with Double J Farms , OK

Grand Champion Jr. Market Doe 2013 Tulsa State Fair
Grand Champion at Multiple ABGA Shows

2018 ABGA National Overall Premier Fullblood Exhibitor
2017, 2016, & 2013 ABGA National Overall Premier Percentage Exhibitor
2016 ABGA National Overall  Reserve Premier Fullblood Exhibitor