2018 ABGA National Overall Premier Fullblood Exhibitor
2017, 2016, & 2013 ABGA National Overall Premier Percentage Exhibitor
2016 ABGA National Overall  Reserve Premier Fullblood Exhibitor

America's Elite Breeding Program of Show Wethers, Market Does, Bucks, Fullblood and Percentage Boer Genetics

Teel Show Goats is owned by Joe, Barbie and Noah Teel and is located in Stillwater, OK.

Teel Show Goats - Our mission:
To raise superior females, bucks and wethers that have the power, muscle expression, rib shape, style and balance to be successful as bucks, show does, market does and wethers. Our breeding program focuses on consistent bloodlines that will generate high quality individuals generation after generation competing at any level of competition.

The does of Teel Show Goats are dual purpose does most having shown in the Junior Market Shows as well as having an extensive ABGA show career. We seek to raise, what we have termed as, "transitional females". Our "transitional females" have the overall balance, design and style of a true show animal while combining the carcass traits most sought after in the market doe and wether world. The does of Teel Show Goats have proven their ability to transition between the ABGA show and market doe shows with an extremely high degree of success, unmatched in the industry.

The bucks of Teel Show Goats bring the same determination to quality as our females. The bucks must be structurally sound and possess unmatched style, balance, and muscle power to sire kids better than themselves. Our bucks are selected to add to our line-breeding objectives while bringing increased consistency to the gene pool

Family History:
The Teel family has many years of experience in the livestock production and show industry. Barbie Pritchard-Teel grew up near Stillwater, OK where she owned and raised registered Polled Hereford cattle for over ten years. Barbie's Dad (Jack Pritchard) was a Ag Ed instructor and and spent his career as a Professor of Agricultural Education at Oklahoma State University. Barbie has strong family ties to agriculture and the FFA. Joe Teel grew up in Wayne, OK and was involved in raising and showing Spotted swine with his family on a national level for seventeen years. Joe graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1986 and taught Agricultural Education / FFA for seven years in Oklahoma. Joe and Barbie were married in 1986 and have raised show stock together since being married. Both sons, Joshua Teel and Noah Teel, have been involved in the show industry their entire lives, showing pigs, cattle, and Boer goats..

Our Genetics are Our Strength:

TEEL TST1 So Blessed - 2016 ABGA National Grand Champion Percentage Doe
Bred and Raised by Teel Show Goats and Windy Acres Boers
**Sold at Live Auction in 2016 to Scott Weber and Michelle O'Brien of Southern Comfort Ranch, FL for $15,200

SLKY So Real - 2015 ABGA National Grand Champion Percentage Doe
Co-Owned with Windy Acres Boers

  • So Real and So Blessed are the first back-to-back National Grand Champion Does as mother / daughter pair in back to back years

Simply Amazin D78 - 2016 ABGA National Grand Champion Fullblood Doe
Co-owned with Double D Boer Goats - Lee & Sharon Dana, NE